Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 1: A Birthday and an Anniversary

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About 3 years ago I started following a photographer online who took on the challenge of taking and posting a new photo every day. Since then, I've run across several others but it wasn't until about a month ago that I thought about doing it myself. My inspiration came from Dustin Diaz, a programmer for Google who started his project earlier this year. His journey is simply amazing. My hope is that by the end of my 365 days that I'll have at least one photo that could have made his cut.

So this is a journey...it's a birthday of sorts. I'm starting off without any destination programmed into the GPS. I hope I hear a voice every once in a while that points me in a good direction. But more than anything I just want to challenge myself to get moving.

I had a friend ask me the other day what each day will consist of. Am I going to journal my life? Am I going to give technical details of how the photo was taken? Am I just going to post photos and nothing else? Well...yes...no...we'll see. I'm just going to get going with a simple goal in mind: Every day I'm going to take and post a new photo.

When I decided on August 1 as my start date, I knew there was something about that date I should remember. It quickly returned to me. It was August 1st just 1 year ago that I sat outside at my niece's wedding. Now please...who has an outdoor wedding in August, in Oklahoma? But the fact that it was 100 degrees did nothing to diminish the occasion and just gave everyone there a special glow that lasted through the evening. Anyway...once I realized that today was their anniversary, I knew I wanted to start my blog with Nela and Chad.

We met last night at the old metal bridge to the north of Lake Overholser as the sun was going down. I popped a flash thru an umbrella to light the foreground and used a fast shutter speed to clamp down on some of the ambient light. This is a new lighting technique for me and Chad and Nela were very patient with me.

Happy Birthday to this blog and Happy Anniversary to Nela and Chad.


Territory Mom said...

Heard about from Jen. Great blog. I'm excited to follow you from the beginning. Love your photos. Best wishes!

Kristie said...

1) She's your niece? I had no idea your families were related ...

2) Awesome pic. I love that bridge ...

3) May I link your photo-a-day blog to mine? I'd love to put it in my sidebar to make it easier to click over every day ....

Thanks, and good luck!!

Jim Smith said...


1) It's a God-relationship thing.

2) Thanks!

3) Please do

Alisa said...

I will love checking this out every day-
and I think that you have sparked Jay's creativity.
I think he may have to get his own camera.

terrie said...

cant wait to see what you do every day. i just started this year with a great camera, trying to get the "right shot". good luck.