Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 17: It must be Sunday

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To say I have a major man-crush on Tiger Woods is kinda like saying I might need to lose some weight and exercise. There's probably nothing I enjoy more on a Sunday afternoon than watching Tiger compete in (and usually win) another golf tournament. Well this Sunday I fear I may have jinxed my hero when I decided to somehow feature him as my photo of the day. At the time I took today's photo, he was leading. About 30 seconds after clicking the shutter, Y. E. Chang holed a 40 footer from off the green to take the lead. It was the first time ever in a major that Tiger relinquished a lead on the final day of the tournament. Sorry TW, but congratulations to Y.E. Chang who became the first Asian to ever win a major golf event.

This was a tricky photo to take. To properly expose the hat would cause the TV to be blown out. I set up a flash on a light stand and put it about 4 feet to the left of the hat. I set the tripod mounted camera on manual and used a shutter speed of 1/10 a second and an aperture of 5.0. I actually clamped down the aperture because I wanted the image on the TV to still be recognizable. ISO 100 and the flash was set to manual and shot at 1/128th power.


Kristie said...

Holy cow, that's complicated! But very, very cool. :)

You should somehow send it to TW's media people.

Alisa said...

I agree with Kristie-
I would love to follow you around and see how you get to the end result.
Or would that be like watching a magician perfect his magic?