Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 58: What the ant sees

click photo for larger version

Our neighborhood has had an abundance of mushrooms for the last week. I found this one in the yard today as I was cutting the grass and since the underside of a mushroom is much more interesting (to me anyway), I decided for a low angle shot.

Camera info: 24-70mm lens at 70mm. Off-camera flash below the subject. 1/200 sec at f/4.5. ISO 100.


Kristie said...

It looks more like the underside of a very rustic bungalow on the beach .... so now I can imagine me laying out on the sand, umbrella drink in hand. Aaahhhhhhh, nice. :)

Alisa said...

I love mushrooms and thinking of little fairy's making a home.
They sure were popping up everywhere weren't they?