Going to the Light
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 46: Tribute

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I can't say that I am a Patrick Swayze fan. I saw most of his movies. I was entertained by most of them. I liked many of the characters he played. But I never felt any great connection to him. Still, he's another in a list (that seems to be growing at a fast pace) of iconic figures who pass before their time.

My favorite Swayze film was a lesser known cold-war story called Red Dawn. I think I liked it because it stirred in me certain survivalist urges. Patrick's performance was typical. He always played his characters just a little over-the-top that hurt just a little bit the suspense of disbelief. But you couldn't help rooting for him. He was kinda like that guy you always hung out with that took things a little too seriously but that would never let you down in a tough spot.

Today's photo is inspired by the movie Ghost. Every time I see this movie I cringe a bit at the less than skillful acting, directing and storyline. Still, I can't take my eyes off the screen. I wonder how many people would count it among their guiltiest of pleasures.

My dear wife who has refused to pose for any of my blog photos, consented to be my ghost for this shot. It's a very simple setup. I put the camera on a tripod and set it up for a 2.5 sec exposure at f/11. As I released the shutter, I had her stand up and walk out of the frame. The long-exposure rendered everything else still while making her appear ghostly. I used a Photoshop filter to give it a bit of an aged photo look.


Kristie said...

I looked at the photo first, and was like, "Whaaa ??" Then I read the first line of type and knew immediately.

Cool trick .... nice tribute. My guilty pleasure regarding Swayze would probably be Dirty Dancing, even though I haven't seen it in forever. Red Dawn was pretty awesome too, though.

jenX said...

Very sad about Patrick Swayze. More Gen X realizations. I was quoted in the news far and wide when Fawcett, Jackson and Hughes died. I'm totally hanging low on this one. ;) I'll send them your way. This photo is just brilliant, Jim. You're so talented and skilled! I'm with your wife. I hate printing pics of myself on my blog. I basically hate having my pic taken.

Jim Smith said...

Jen...say it isn't so. I've actually got a plan to photograph OKC bloggers. You're at the top of my list...

...you too Kristie!!!

Alisa said...

Oh the memories of Dirty Dancing- we watched it so much and actually slowed it down at the end to count just how many times he spun around.

I don't understand why Lori would not want to be photographed.