Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 47: Creepy Crawlies

click photo for larger version (if you dare)

Well I've already seen that the Halloween stores are open and the haunted house signs are up...so why not start the season off early.

Now you may recall that I posted a grasshopper photo in which I stated that the subject was not harmed in the making of the photo. Well with this particular creature I can only say that he received a 1-day repreive from instant death. You see, last night my wife and I were talking in our family room when she jumped up and shouted "Oh my goodness" (or something close to that anyway). Crawling right under my feet was today's subject. Now Lori prepared to instantly pounce and snuff the life of this poor arachnid. But I think much to her suprise I shouted back at her, "No...don't kill it".

It was then that I realized how this blog has warped my mind. Instead of the sane response my wife displayed, I thought of nothing but making this my next model. Well trooper that my wife is, she grabbed a piece of paper and collected the specimen and then went and got a glass so that I could capture it. I then waited til today in hopes that it would tire enough to stay still when I removed the glass to snap its picture.

In the meantime I decided to do a little research on this poor fellow. We were both surprised by him (and research confirms it's a he) and his large hairy nature. Also, it seemed to me that he was sporting too many legs. In fact it was by Googling 10-legged spider that I was able to identify him. Meet the brown trapdoor spider. It's a close relative to the turantula and can live to be 20 years old. And what appears like 2 extra limbs up front are actually just additional appendages for pulling food into its mouth. One other tidbit (a rather important one) is that the trapdoor spider is not venomous.

Camera info: Tripod mounted. 90mm lens with lens mounted ring flash. 1/60th sec at f/16. ISO 100.


Kristie said...

I came ***thiiiiiiiiis*** close to not clicking on your blog when the title "Creepy Crawlies" came up in my sidebar .... :)

Cool pic, but I would have needed a 5000000000 mm lens before I could have done it. You're right, the blog is warping your thought process.... and survival instincts. :)

Jenna said...
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Jenna said...

My Father Cannot say no bugs were harmed in the making of this shoot. He did not kill the spider for his picture, but he still has it in the glass. I'm no spider docter, but I say the little guy has until morning. And to think he could have lived to be 20.

Jim Smith said...

Okay dear Jenna...the spider has been set free. He ended up being one of the easiest to work with models I've ever had.