Going to the Light
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 52: Too fast

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I called my nephew Josh on Sunday afternoon to ask him if he'd pose for my blog. We set up a time for me to pick him up and when I arrived, I asked his sister Katie to come and assist. Katie was a great help because it was windier than I had thought. Anyway, we took about 15 minutes to set up...shot for 10 minutes...and packed up in about 5. It was a quick shot that stretched my skills but didn't require a lot of modifications.

But then I got home and started looking thru my shots. They made me feel awful. Not because I didn't capture what I set out to...but because I'm looking at my 16-year old nephew and realizing how fast time is moving and how I can't do anything about it.

Josh is an amazing young man. He's smart, funny, loves life and has truly great character. He takes everything in stride and he causes no one any grief. I'm really proud to have him as a nephew and I'm looking forward to seeing all he becomes. But man...just slow down already. It was just yesterday that he was two and I took him to the toy store to get his first Hot Wheels set. I remember chasing him all over that store...back when I could actually chase down a 2-year old.

Here's a photo of the setup. And here's another from the shoot.


Kristie said...

When I first opened the blog, my thought was, "Is that Josh? No .... it can't be. Can it???" He IS growing up so fast! I remember when he helped Dean coach Kendrie's soccer team the first season we were here ... great kid.

What is encouraging to me about this is your location. Who would have thought 50th and MacArthur could be used as a fashion shoot location, and look so wonderful? Helps to remind me we can find great locations anywhere ....

Lorie, Atlanta, GA said...

Love the photo...you are really talented - creative and inspirational! Kristie has a link to your site on hers, and I found you thru her. Thanks, Kristie!

I can totally relate to kids growing up too fast. My eldest is a freshman in college...seems like yesterday she was going to her first day of kindergarten!

Jeff Davidson said...

Bookmarked you at photoblogs.org. Welcome aboard! Enjoyed my visit to your blog. Cheers-Jeff

Jim Smith said...

Lorie and Jeff...thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again. Jeff...I checked out your blog as well. That Chile trip looked amazing.