Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 74: Gord-geous

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My friend Kristie told me about this pumpkin stand at NW 23rd and Council in Oklahoma City called "Ruby's". She recommended it because she saw it as the sun was setting and said the light against the pumpkins was beautiful. Unfortunately, the sun has not made an appearance since the recommendation nor has the weatherman offered any hope of it happening before Ruby's sells out. So I went there today undeterred by the thick cloud cover. It certainly lacked that "golden hour" charm, but it was still a great place to be and take photos.

Camera info: 24-70mm lens at 40mm. 1/640 sec at f/3.2. ISO 800.


Kristie said...

Believe me, if *I* was the boss of the weather, we'd be having some of that elusive sun. :)

Territory Mom said...

I think its a great photo sun or not. I forgot about Ruby's, thanks for the reminder.

paul baker said...

I live around the corner from Ruby's - it looks best in pictures! Nice photo, Jim.