Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 75: Strength

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I like photographing people more than anything else. Today I was asked again to provide a headshot for a colleague and former pastor, Rev. Mike Meeks. After we took some shots of what he needed, he consented to let me capture a few for my own tastes. My goal was simple...to capture something that spoke to strength of this man. Pastor Mike is man of great character and strong conviction. And his leadership was especially important to me at a rather dark moment in my life.

There's a lot of discussion among professional photographers about shooting for the client vs. shooting for the photographer. I think I'm coming to an understanding that it is the artist who can accomplish both tasks with the same photo. I've also come to understand that I am not an artist. But, I've really enjoyed the aspect of this project that has allowed me more opportunity to shoot for me, the photographer...and discovering what that really means.

Camera info: Off-camera flash directly to the right of the subject. 70-200mm lens at 85mm. 1/30 sec at f/7.1. ISO 100.


jenX said...

I love what you say here about the artist who can capture both. This is such a great photo. Wow. A life well lived, huh?