Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 94: Where'd my light go?

click photo for larger version

After several days of the weather not cooperating, we finally got a beautiful day to take photos of our friends the Escoe family. Sunday at 5:30 was going to be the perfect time with the perfect weather. Unfortunately, we forgot about the end of daylight savings time and the fact that the perfect light would be gone by 5:30. Anyway, with the few minutes of good light I had left I snapped a few of their oldest, Brayden. Let's hope for good weather Wednesday and perhaps we'll see the whole family on here.

Camera info: 70-200mm lens at 150mm. 1/200 sec at f/3.2. ISO 400.


Kristie said...

Darn daylight savings time!! We'll get it done on Wednesday ... I have a good feeling about it, ha! :) In the meantime, the photo of Brayden is beautiful. Thanks for helping me remember that beautiful scenery is all around us, I just need to pay more attention, even driving down 39th street. :)

kimi said...

Oh I am so excited to see my favourite blogging family. The Escoe's are such a beautiful family on the inside and I know you will do them justice on the outside.

Alisa said...

I love it- beautiful photo, beautiful girl. I love the background-

Mad Woman said...

Lovely picture!! She looks gorgeous!!

Natalie said...

Great picture! Can't wait to see more of those crazy Escoe's!