Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 12: City Dwellers

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I've already mentioned how I've discovered with this project that I am lacking when it comes to the doing. Just 12 days in and I'm discovering the beauty that exists all around...that has always existed all around, and that I have just been too lazy to get out and enjoy. In the first 12 days, I've seen 3 sunsets, rediscovered Lake Hefner, found a wonderful coffee shop, discovered 2 OKC neighborhoods I didn't know existed and discovered that people close to me are experiencing life in ways, good and bad, I never dreamed of.

Today's photo has a lot of problems from a technical point of view. But for me it represents doing. This is part of a herd of deer that can be seen every evening as the sun is setting, between Macarthur and Portland on Hefner blvd. I've passed them a hundred times and always said to myself, "I should really stop someday and take a closer look." Last night I went on top of the Hefner dam and just watched them for a half hour. It cost me nothing and required very little effort and yet it made all the things that caused me stress during a busy day just a little less important.

Photo info: 300mm lens, 1/25th of a second at f/18, ISO 800. Handheld with IS.


Kristie said...

Very cool! I'm curious to know if you actually shooting one per day, or if you already have loads stacked up and ready to go .... and thanks for the photo information. I like pretending it all makes sense to me. :)

Jim Smith said...

Kristie...the goal is to take and post a new photo each day. So far I've managed to do just that. Thanks for your comments...I really appreciate them.

Adjective Queen said...

I'm impressed that 12 days in you haven't given had something come up that kept you from getting a shot. I'm pulling for you ... keep it going, even if you have to take a pic of something in your back yard. Is this book in the public library?

Jim Smith said...

Jana, thanks for the encouragement. I knew it was going to be challenging (which is what I wanted) but it's proving to be harder than I imagined. But that's a good thing...I think. If it was easy, it wouldn't have any real value. The reason I chose to post it on a blog is for the accountability. I needed Kristie there every day keeping me honest. :) What book are you referring to?

Adjective Queen said...

I thought the photo challenge came from a book you are reading. May have misunderstood!