Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 29: It's in the details

Be sure to click the larger version for this one.

Today's photo is an example of a photo genre known as macro-photography. It's really strange to me to call it macro because it really looks more like viewing something under a microscope. Anyway, today it's all about the camera setup. I used a 90mm macro lens and was able to manually focus the subject with the lens just 4 inches away. I employed two off-camera flashes on either side of the subject and had the camera mounted on a tripod. I set the camera for manual and used a 1/125 sec shutter speed with an aperture of f/11. You have to use a small aperture with macro photography due to minimal depth of field caused by being so close to the subject. Here's a link that shows the setup as well as how tiny the flower was that I shot.


Kristie said...

That's amazing you can get such a beautiful close up from such a tiny grouping of flowers.

I have an external flash, but only one, and no (what's it called? hotshoe?) to use it off-camera. I should check into it ....

Alisa said...

What was the little black thing behind the flower in between the two flashes?
I am amazed that it was such a itsy bitsy flower. Thanks for including the link to how you set up the shot.

Jim Smith said...

The "black thing" is a clamp. I needed something to hold the flower stem so that the flower would face the camera lens. The clamp also has a stud on it to attach lighting accessories. It's designed so you can clamp an off-camera flash anywhere you want. But in this case it made a nice flower holder.

I'll try to take more "setup" photos in the future. I realize as they say "...worth a thousand words."