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Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 7: A real coffee cup

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I've been taking my daughter to drama classes this week at the Lyric in the Plaza District of NW Oklahoma City. Yesterday morning I found a new treasure in the guise of Coffy's Cafe a little coffee shop located at 1739 NW 16th street. It's quaint, eclectic, full of character...my kind of place. Denise served me a wonderful French pressed coffee and to my delight she brought a real coffee cup. Now don't get me wrong. I've drunk the corporate kool-aide and ingested many a cup of joe in the paper cup with the patented sleeve cup wraps. But yesterday something broke thru that corrugated haze when lips touched glass...a vessel that the gods intended for their most holy of nectars.

Now the tragedy of this story is that I was the only one in the place. Not tragic because in the absence of other customers I was able to have nice chat with my barista, Denise. But because I don't want it to be added to the multitude of places that I grow to love and then have to drive by and say, "remember that place we used to go to". Suddenly I'm craving some My Pii pizza or a carefully crafted insult at Molly Murphy's.

So my fellow OKC brothers and sisters, it's time to do yourself a favor and visit this place. And by the way, it's cheap too. $2 for French pressed coffee with a real press and a real coffee cup...get out of here!!! Tell Denise that Jim (the guy that always has his camera with him) sent you.

Here's a quote I read today that has application far beyond photography:

"86. Embrace stress as the opposite of apathy. A violinist once pointed out that tension is absolutely necessary for him to make beautiful music. If his bow is too tight, it will snap. If his bow is too loose, the strings will wail rather than sing. The key, he said, is to have the right amount of tension. Likewise, as a photographer, I’m always tense at the beginning of a shoot. Rather than get more stressed because I’m stressed, I’ve come to embrace the tension as a signal that I really care about what I’m doing. Consider your stress to be an indication that you are focused on the outcome of your efforts. If you start an important shoot and don’t feel some stress, then you really have something to worry about."
from Lessons I didn't learn in photo school


Kristie said...

You make me wish I drank coffee. :)

nicky said...

Great post! I just found your site, and I love it! Keep up the amazing pics and wonderful stories, too!

Adjective Queen said...

You make me wish I carried a camera with me wherever I go.

jenX said...

i love the plaza district. i'll definitely check it out. i did pass a place called heavenly grounds, but i guess that's different?

jenX said...

oh, what i meant to say was i'm in luv with bokeh. i want to marry bokeh. bokeh, bokeh, bokeh in my dreams. the only time i get it is when i get it by accident. ha!

Jim Smith said...

Thank you all.

Kristie, they also serve Italian sodas that look good.

Jana...you found my blog...well I guess I am posting it on FB every day...hard to miss. Anyway, I now have found yours and am enjoying getting caught up.

Jen...this is kinda fun for the bokeh fan: bokeh