Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 34: Your Ultimate Drink Stop

click photo for larger version

Anybody want a cherry limeade? What's your favorite Sonic drink? Mine is a strawberry-vanilla-Diet Coke...yummy. My wife's friend Lynda taught me that one.

"It's about reacting to what you see, hopefully without preconception. You can find pictures anywhere. It's simply a matter of noticing things and organizing them. You just have to care about what's around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy."

--Elliott Erwitt, American photographer

Camera info: handheld 70-200mm lens with IS, 1/40 sec at f/3.2, ISO 100


Kristie said...

Ahhhh, I actually felt happiness coursing through my veins when I opened up this image and saw what it was. :)

Cool shot ..... were you there really late at night, since the menus are lit so well and the back ground is so dark. That or you've exposed creatively, I guess. Either way, great image!!

Mine is Diet Dr. Pepper .... no special shots or flavorings, but I buy anywhere from two to four a day.

Seriously, I'm just doing my part to stimulate the economy.

jenX said...

{{{{{wonderful}}}}} I tweeted it. You're my follow friday!!!

Alisa said...

Makes me want a drink.
I love cherry vanilla limeade.
Vanilla rootbeer.
Jay loves chocolate vanilla Dr.Pepper. Or just chocolate Dr. Pepper. Or plain Dr. Pepper.
Again I love your lighting- (don't I say that on every one!)