Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 36: Proof of Life

click photo for larger version

Today was a day without inspiration. So I settled for another macro shot. I took this with no artificial light. It's a 25 second exposure at f/16...obviously tripod mounted. I originally shot it with artificial lighting, but it rendered very flat. I needed shadows for this one.


Kristie said...

Is it a shell? A crustacean of some sort? An amazing close up of the moon?? Whatever it is, its beautiful, and sort of creepy, all at the same time. Nice work. I'm curious about the 25 second exposure, though. I thought long exposures like that were used for things like catching lightning, fireworks, streaks of traffic .... this subject appears still, so I'm just curious?

Jim Smith said...

Thanks again Kristie. It's a piece of coral. The reason for the long exposure is the fact that it was taken in a dimly lit room and I was shooting at f/16. I needed to shoot at f/16 because when the lens is this close to the subject there is much less depth of field. Anyway, f/16 is like a pin hole iris that allows very little light in at a time and thus requires more time to properly expose.

Kristie said...

Ahhhh, and if I had paid closer attentino to the "no articial lighting" comment I would have figured that out. Eventually. Maybe. :)

Alisa said...

OH I thought it was coral. I would have won if that was a contest!

jenX said...

i was going to ask what it was, but now i see it's coral. it is creepy! who knew. life is creepy. ha!