Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 37: Where did the magic go?

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Sooner Magic...the stuff of legends and unfortunately the stuff of history. Do you remember...all those 4th quarter miracles that the faithful understood as God himself smiling on the boys in crimson and cream? The end arounds, the impossible interceptions, the punt returns, the kicks that were just long enough...we just expected it to happen again and again. Maybe we started to take the magic for granted. And maybe like Job our faith is being tested.

Keep the faith my brothers and sisters. There is still nothing better than Saturday. So who's buying next week's pay-per-view? I'll bring the pizza and wings.


Alisa said...

Usually I just pick a team, any team when there is a game. If it is a game between Oklahoma and another state I go for Oklahoma. (OU or OSU) If BYU is playing then I root for them. (we did spend the first few years of our married life there, and had our 1st child there!)
But what to do when its Oklahoma and BYU?
I guess just let the best team win!
(once again, I love the light in your photo!)

Kristie said...

We watched it on a tiny television at the lake, and felt personally insulted when the Sooners didn't pull it out at the end. The poor freshman QB and the poor kicker .... bet neither of them expected that kind of pressure right of the gate this season!