Going to the Light
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 42: My favorite lens

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In photography circles there are huge debates regarding the importance of equipment vs. skill of the photographer. Those on the photographer skill side argue that some of the greatest photographs in history were taken with some of the most rudimentary equipment. Those on the equipment side argue that while that may be true, those same photographers used the best equipment available to them at the time. I believe that I lean more to the photographer skill side, but my father, a very poor man, always taught me that you should own the best tools you can afford.

Well the best piece of photography equipment I own is in the form of a lens. It's the Canon EF 85mm f1.2L lens. For my Canon brothers and sisters, there are actually 2 models of this lens: the original and a Mark II version. They are both considered equally good in terms of image quality, but the Mark II version was released to correct the slow focusing of the original model. When the Mark II was released, the original version started showing up at almost half its original price...which is how I came to be able to afford one.

What I find amazing about this lens is that even at f1.2 it's incredibly sharp. An example of this is my Day 35 photo. It also provides silky smooth bokeh, great contrast and rich colors. Be sure to click on the photo above for the full-size version.

Goofy is my subject today. He's our loveable Shi-tzu who has been a part of our family for a little over 2 years. I shot using an off camera flash thru an umbrella. 1/60 sec at f/2.5. ISO 100. I shot at f/2.5 to try and keep both his nose and eyes in focus.


Kristie said...

I like hearing your take on equipment ... cute dog, too. :)

I got a new lens for my birthday earlier this month ... a 50 mm 1.8 I asked for a 1.4 and the guy at Bakers thought it might be "too pernsnickedty" (sp?) for me. Plus, no denying the 1.8 was cheaper! So far I'm loving it, but have only taken a few shots .... I find myself too far away with my 85 mm sometimes, and feel a little "distanced", especially if I'm trying to get more than one person, or a full body, in a shot. So I think this 50 mm will be better for me.

I'd love to hear more about the other lenses you use, and when and why. There's no secret that you're my go-to guy for photo info now (unfortunately for you, ha!)

Adjective Queen said...

The expression on that dog's face is priceless!