Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 62: The joys of social networking

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I seem to find myself in many conversations these days that debate the merits and pitfalls of social networking sites like Facebook, myspace and twitter. And while I can testify to many drive-me-crazy moments while viewing my Facebook home page, I must say that I have felt my social interactions to be enhanced and broadened beyond anything I anticipated.

I remember about 3 years ago sitting in a faculty meeting and the presenter showing us Facebook and basically saying, "If you're not already doing this, you need to get started right away." Now when it comes to diffusion of innovation, I am almost always an early adopter. But when I saw Facebook demo'd, I just didn't get it. So I waited about a year to finally decide I should check it out. I was instantly amazed. In the first 24 hours I communicated with people who not only had I not talked with, but in many cases I hadn't even thought of in years.

I'm ashamed to say that today's subjects were a part of my non-communicato status. You may remember Jana from one of my earlier postings and with her today is her husband Phil. We had lunch today...something that never would have happened were it not for Facebook. Tomorrow, I'm having dinner with two other Facebook friends whom I haven't seen for over 20 years. And again, it's a because-of-Facebook phenomenon. Look for their photo here on Friday.

Camera info: A quick, semi-candid shot. 35mm lens. 1/40 sec at f/2.0. ISO 320.


Kristie said...

They get a double whammy of nice .... a lunch with you, and a great photo of the two of them! :)

jenX said...

two of the most decent people. ever.