Going to the Light
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 64: Meet Molly's Mayhem

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If you lived in Oklahoma City in the 70s or 80s, you were undoubtedly aware of a true treasure in the form of Molly Murphy's House of Fine Repute. The salad bar built into a beautiful Jaguar convertible, the unique decor, the really quite wonderful food and of course the characters made this a favorite place to launch a special evening. What I've discovered recently, however, is that for a number of employees of this landmark resturaunt, Molly's was more than a job and it still remains an important part of their identity.

Today I introduce a small group of a much larger cast. My friend Darren flew to OKC yesterday to meet up with a merry band of Molly alumni who this morning embarked on a journey to the Honobia Bigfoot Festival in SE Oklahoma. Darren suggested that they pause before they took off this morning for a group photo and asked me to do the honors. His idea was to do something with a little style and suggested something like a album cover photo of a rock band. I took his lead and set up this pose. Then back at the color lab I used some grunge filters to give it a weathered look.

What a great group of people to photograph. In the very few moments I worked with them, I instantly knew why they remained buds and why Darren would fly across the country to hang out at a Bigfoot Festival with them. From left to right, meet Susie, Greg, Chip, Darren, Dottie & Mimi.

I also want to put in a plug for Darren's book, Who are you supposed to be? I'm about half way through it and if you have fond memories of Molly's you will love this memoir. It is filled with great humor, photos, art work and best of all a very candid, behind-the-scenes look of Molly's hay day.

Camera info: 24-70mm lens at 42mm. 1/5000 sec at f/10. ISO 1600 (I thought we were going to be in shade and forgot to dial the ISO down for full sun).


Kristie said...

I loved Molly Murphys! My greatest MM memory is our waiter (Superman) grabbing the bread out of our breadbasket, turning around, bending over, holding the bread behind his tush, and saying, "Ladies, grab my buns!" :)

jenX said...

I'm glad to know about that book. I should review it for my blog. Where do you get a copy?

Melanie Rose Reber said...

I love the picture of my old friends and the things you can do with a camera. You're the bomb!

Adjective Queen said...

I got to go there only twice, I believe.

What a great photo, Jim! You could be doing album covers.

Jen, there's a book about Molly Murphy's in the library, but I'm not sure we've got a copy of this one. Jim, you need to put in a request for purchase!

Anonymous said...

Jim, in the few minutes we met you, we could also see why Darren considers you a treasured friend. I cannot believe how fast you got the composition for the photo together and captured this great shot.


Jim Smith said...

Thanks so much. You guys were a blast to work with. I'll be sending links to Darren for full-res versions you can take to have printed. He should have them by Tuesday sometime.

Anonymous said...

Just say no to standardized group photos!
We love this Jim, and we love you.
I personally want to thank you for all the ideals you share with us every day. (and of course, camera techniques)
Can't wait to read YOUR book some day!

Tech question: what effect does ISO have on RAW files? (noise-wise)


Jim Smith said...

Thanks Darren. To answer your question, ISO will have the same effect on RAW that it does JPG. I suspect that in RAW you can do more noise-reduction while preserving detail. But whether shooting RAW or jpg, you should use the lowest ISO possible to still get the shot.