Going to the Light
A 365-day Photo Journal

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 103: November

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I've always loved this pecan orchard on the north side of Lake Overholser. It reminds me of a trip I once took with my dad to a plot of land his father had given him. As a teenager, he had planted pine trees on it with the intent of selling them as Christmas trees. He soon joined the Air Force and never returned to harvest those trees. Instead he took me there near the end of his life and we walked among these perfect rows of towering trees. Today on the way to work as I was driving thru the fog I thought of him and I thought about this orchard.

Camera info: 24-70mm lens at 25mm. 1/40 sec at f/8.0. ISO 100.


Kristie said...

I think this photo is actually more beautiful because the leaves are gone .....

Alisa said...

Reminds me of a grove of trees we saw when we were moving to Oregon.
So beautiful. I have always wished I could have an actual photo of the one that I have in my mind.